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Featured Products - Saws/Pruners

Tree Saws – Tree Pruners

From hand saws, pruner poles, loppers and hand shears Pinnacle Arborist has you covered.

PRUNER POLES - You can build your own pruner pole kits. Pick your base and head pole, add a mid pole for more length. A wide selection of saw and pruner heads, adapters, male and female ferrules are available. We carry Marvin and Jameson pruner poles in a wide variety from telescopic, professional fiberglass and wood series, dielectric foam-filled and landscape series. Pruner blades cut up to 1 ¼" diameter with ease yet they are light weight, slim design, and made of high-grade steel. The pruner head feature a precision ground hook and an angled edge for a "dual cut". Pruner head replacement parts are available. Or choose Silky's Hayauchi or Hayate aluminum poles saws that telescope to over 20 feet.

HAND SAWS - Choose from Silky, Jameson, Fanno, or Samurai, the new Japanese brand of arbor saws that offer the latest in blade and handle technology. Fine teethed saws are for smaller and delicate cutting and large teeth for fast cutting of larger wood. Straight blades are easier to control than curved and offer smooth and efficient cutting but slower than curved blades. Curved blades are fast cutting but give up some control when working in tight branch areas. Blades with gullets are for bind-free cutting. Remember not to use "sawing action" of back and forth; the cutting is performed on the downward stroke. We carry replacement blades for all handsaws.

PRUNING SHEARS AND LOPPERS - From Marvin's Heavy Duty Bypass, All-Purpose Bypass or the Professional series we have not only the arborist covered but the landscaper and home gardener. The Heavy Duty and All-Purpose shears is drop forged and have SK-5 Japanese steel blades and soft grip handles. The professional series have aluminum handles with rubber non-slip grip and hard chrome plated blades that resist rust and maintain a sharp edge. They are strong but light weight. Marvin's Bypass loppers come in two sizes. The cutting blade is fully heat treated and re-sharpenable and backed by a Marvin lifetime guarantee.

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