Tree Climbing Tools On Sale in January!

If you are looking for tree climbing tools to add to your collection, this January is a great time to shop at Pinnacle Arborist Supplies. In addition to the wide selection of different tree climbing tools available, Pinnacle Arborist Supply is cutting its already-reasonable prices on certain products even further this January as part of the Get Your Head in the Game Sale.

The Get Your Head in the Game Sale features tree climbing tools designed to protect your head during a climb. These tools include helmets that cushion your head in the event of a fall or a bump on the head, as well as protection for your eyes and your ears. Eye protection is key whenever you are trimming or cutting trees as wood can fly into your eyes and cause temporary or permanent harm. Ear protection is also required when operating a chain saw in order to avoid potential hearing loss.

With the Get Your Head in the Game Sale, you can take care of your head and ensure you meet OSHA requirements for tree climbing workers while saving yourself a little money to boot.

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