Tree Climbing Gear Basics: Climbing Rope

When you are looking for tree climbing gear, climbing rope should always be one of the most important tools in your arsenal — whether you are a tower climber, rescue worker, an arborist or a recreational climber. Climbing rope serves a number of useful functions for any climber. For instance, it works in conjunction with other tree climbing gear to help you with ascending, rigging and other climbing activities.

The right climbing rope will depend upon what type of climb you are undertaking and what other tree climbing gear you already have or are using.  For example, a soft, flexible, dynamic rope that is heavier than other types of climbing ropes may be well-suited for tree climbers, while a lighter weight, static rope may be best for rope rescue and tower climbing.  Climbing ropes are available in 3-strand, 12 stand, 6 strand and 24 strand kermantle construction in a wide variety of lengths and colors.

As you look for the right rope for you and your climbing goals, Pinnacle Arborist can help. Their website provides a comprehensive array of climbing rope and other tree climbing gear, and has detailed description to assist you in making an informed choice before you buy.

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