Tenex and Tenex TEC Rigging Line

Tenex is made by Samson and is a high-strength, low-stretch polyester 12-strand rope.  It is most commonly used for splicing tree rigging slings.  It is the perfect product for producing endless loop slings (fixed loop), spider leg balancer, loopie and dead eye slings, whoopie slings and smaller prusiks. 

Tenex has excellent snag and abrasion resistance, easily field spliced, easy to inspect for potential internal wear, higher strength per diameter than double braid and good gripping characteristics. 

Tenex has a single end while Tenex TEC is a 2 end carrier, and comes in the following diameters and strength:         

                                       TENEX TEC                            TENEX         


1/4”                                3,200 lbs.                              3,200 lbs.                     .

5/16”                             4,700 lbs.                               4,700 lbs.

3/8”                               6,100 lbs.                               5,800 lbs.             

1/2”                              13,100 lbs.                             11,800 lbs.

5/8”                             18,800 lbs.                             17, 100 lbs.

 3/4”                            24,800 lbs.                             22,400 lbs.

Tenex comes in the following colors:  blue, green, red, orange, yellow, black and white.

Check PinnacleArborist.com for a selection of Tenex and Tenex TEC sold by the foot or for a variety of slings.

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