Pinnacle Booth at OKVMA March 4th

Pinnacle Arborist Supplies will have a booth at the OKVMA (Oklahoma Vegetation Management Association) on March 4th in Oklahoma City, OK.  There will be a conference and Pete will be speaking on Tree Identification.  Drop by and see the equipment that will be for sale at the booth.  You may also visit online at or by phone 501.663.8722. We also post relative information on our blog:

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New Tool Storage in at Pinnacle Arborist Supplies

New from Safe Tree Products comes a variety of saw and tool
storage options that can hold up to everyday use and abuse.

Tool Storage

Tool Storage

Made of high impact, UV resistant poly-carbonate plastics, these scabbards and storage systems are cut resistant and tree guy tough. Unlike fiberglas, these scabbards will not crack, splinter or fall apart over time.

Chain saw scabbards can be mounted inside or outside the bucket.  Secure brackets and standoffs keep the scabbard in place when working or traveling.  These scabbards will hold trim saws and larger  saws when working aloft.

Boom mounted scabbards will hold hydraulic or manual pole saws securely in easy reach of the operator.  Additional products for hand tools, hand saws and line tools are available, and can be custom ordered to design at Call us at (501) 663-8733 or visit us online.


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Arbor Guy Tree Staking Systems Cost Effective and In Stock at Pinnacle Arborist Supplies

 New tree staking systems can be installed below and above ground to provide secure anchorage for newly planted trees or support of storm damaged trees.

ArborGuy Tree Staking Systems

ArborGuy Tree Staking Systems

Specified in most professional landscape plans, ArborGuy Tree Staking systems provide a cost effective method to secure trees in their first year of growth.

ArborGuy anchor spades come in various sizes and for differing soil materials, and are the key to planting success.  Easy to install, contractor quality tree anchoring systems will eliminate costly and damaging T-post and wire for long-term planting success.

Each anchor kit contains three anchors, webbing straps and tension bars for fast, secure and tree friendly installation in less than 10 minutes and just a few basic tools. 

Call us at (501) 663-8733, come by , or visit us online at to see how easy ArborGuy anchor spades are to install.

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Petzl ZigZag in Stock at Pinnacle Arborist Supplies

Available this month, the Petzl ZigZag mechanical prusik
allows the climber to move around efficiently using the classic prusik/pulley system technique.

When climbing with the ZigZag at the Petzl workshop at TCIA in Baltimore, I was amazed at how smooth and easy it was.  This will change double rope climbing.

Petz; ZigZag

Petz; ZigZag

The ZigZag combines the benefits of a pulley, swivel and friction bars to create an awesome climbing tool.  The linked friction bars  and pulley provide a smooth, secure ascent and descent system.

When ascending, the climbing line slides easily through the ZigZag, with little slack tending required.  Limb walking and descent is simple by pressing on the release lever, varying pressure to control descent.  When released the ZigZag grabs the line securely with almost no sit back.

Petzl innovation, Petzl quality, in stock at Pinnacle Arborist Supplies. Visit us online at or call us at (501) 663-8733.  We are excited about this new product and are happy to offer it to you.

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Visit Pinnacle Arborist’s Booth at the Mid West ISA Annual Conference

ZigZag from Pretzl

ZigZag from Pretzl

Pinnacle Arborist Supplies will have a booth at the Mid West ISA annual conference in St.Louis, February 6th through 8th.   Stop by and see the new ZigZag from Petzl.  Pete attended training on the mechanical device so we have one before the release of them.  You can preorder yours at the booth, or on our website  We look forward to seeing you there.

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Visit Pinnacle Arborist’s Booth at the AR Green Industry Association Conference

Pinnacle Arborist will be at the AR Green Industry Association conference and trade show in Hot Springs, AR,  January 24th and 25th.

Visit our booth and look at the new products we have for landscapers.  We now have TREE FROG Tree Staking Kits and several different brands of hand pruners.  Gear up for Spring pruning!

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2013 and Beyond

Tell us what you think.  Pinnacle Arborist Supplies is a professional member of TCIA, ISA, regional ISA chapters, ACCT, NATE and many regional and local climbing groups, both for work and recreation.  We actively promote and support climbing competitions, workshops and safety programs throughout the mid-south.  Help us help you and your business, let us know of any upcoming events or programs in your area, or product lines that you would like us to carry.

People are what our business is about, and customers are called friends.  We enjoy what we do and Pinnacle Arborist Supplies is proud to help make you and your business safe, successful and a great place to be evey day. Thank you, enjoy the Holidays, and we wish you the best for 2013.

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Year End Sale

In thanks for your business and support throughout the year, Pinnacle Arborist Supplies is offering  a 10% off discount selected climbing, rigging and safety gear during December.  This discount applies to climbing rope, rigging lines, pulleys, ascenders, saddles, harnesses and PPE.  Please visit or one of our Little Rock or Tulsa stores to fill your bag with some great deals on professional climbing and rope access supplies and equipment.

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Happy Holidays!

Well, it’s been a typical year…storms, economic concerns, politics…the new normal.  Despite all that, it seems like everyone made it through alright.  We hope 2012 was safe and successful for you, your business, friends, co-workers and customers.

Pinnacle Arborist Supplies has added new products, represent new manufacturers, expanded our Little Rock store and opened an outlet in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We have continued our support for climbing competitions in the South, Midwest, and attended numerous workshops and conferences as an exhibitor, presenter and supporter.

We want to thank all of you for a great year…Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and wishing you a safe and successful New Year.

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SRT Climbing

There are many types of climbing systems and equipment that can be used in professional tree work and other rope access industries.  Generally a dynamic rope system is used to access and work within the trees canopy.  Static rope systems are anchored in place for ascent only, then the climber transitions to a dynamic system for work.  Recent advances in Single Rope Technique (SRT) equipment and practices allow climbers to ascend and work from static rope systems.

SRT climbing can be traced back to early mountain climbers and is now used widely in climbing, rappelling, caving and rescue operations.  SRT uses a variety of rope friction hitches, prusiks or mechanical devices to aid them in the ascent, descent and work positioning done in trees.

A key factor in safe and efficient SRT climbing is the selection of the rope tie in point (TIP) and climbing rope anchor.  A high initial TIP allows the climber to ascend the tree, but caution should be followed to select sound wood of sufficient size to support the climber.  Canopy and basal anchoring systems can put very different rope angles and loads on the tree, and must be selected carefully.

Typical ropes used for SRT climbing are considered static, with very little bounce as the climber ascends – these include Tachyon, Velocity, Rocket Line and HTC in 150 – 200 foot lengths.  Prusik cords such as BeeLine, Ocean Polyester (OP), HRC and RIT are popular choices to provide secure friction hitch for ascending, descending and work within the tree and they are easily tied.

Installing a micro-pulley or Hitch Climber pulley below the friction hitch eases knot tending for efficient movement along the rope.  New equipment such as the Rope Wrench or Hitch Hiker help the friction prusik by reducing heat buildup and friction making the climb safer and more efficient.

SRT climbing is becoming more widely used, but requires knowledge and experience beyond more common climbing techniques.  For more information about SRT climbing and equipment contact Pinnacle Arborist Supplies at 501-663-8733.

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