Just Say “NO!” to Used Tree Climbing Gear

You’re looking to save a buck or two. We get that. After all, the holidays are upon us and our economy hasn’t exactly been jump-started the way in which we hoped it would have been by now. So we’re all continuing to tighten our belts a bit and cut back where we can. Having said that, the market for all sorts of “gently-used” goods is greater than ever. And while that’s all fine and well, we highly recommend that you stay away from used tree climbing gear.

It’s Dangerous—Period

When it comes to purchasing discounted used tree climbing gear, the fact is that you will be putting yourself in danger. The reason? You have no way of knowing what that tree climbing gear has been through. You don’t know if it has endured a hard fall or if it has even been well-maintained. Why risk using equipment that could malfunction at any time?

Choose NEW This Holiday Season

Instead, get brand new equipment at discounted prices through the month of December at pinnaclearboristsupplies.com!

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